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Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Law of Ban and Demand

A number of years ago, I was asked to be Godmother to my close friend's baby. Of course I was thrilled. I was told that I would share the role with another close friend. While the grandparents were not particularly bothered by the fact that there would be two Godmothers, the lack of a Godfather, clearly was an issue.

Too bad. If it wasn't a problem for the church, then so be it.

Shortly before the christening, I was asked by my friend if I had been baptised, because apparently Godmothers have to be baptised in order to be Godmothers.

Is it a really bad thing to lie to a minister about something like this?

Oh well, I don't believe in God anyway. Go big or go home.

Baby got christened and has two godmothers. One of whom was never baptised and neither of whom believe in God. So far we seem to have evaded any wrath.

There's a children's book in here somewhere.

Enter Mary Polak - she's that wonderful new MLA for Langley (cuz she couldn't get elected in the riding where she lives) who was big on banning books in the Surrey school system.

Here I am thinking, if she can get books banned in one school district as a trustee, as an MLA, she should be able to get them banned in the entire province.

Hmmm. Ban something and suddenly there is a great demand for it. I am sure there is an economics law on that somewhere. If not, there should be.

Coming soon - I Have Two Godless Mummies by Aunty Bertha

Gosh, what will I do with all that money?

Maybe I will pay off all the creditors that Lorne Mayencourt left high and dry with his two bankruptcies.

Maybe I will build a nice big homeless shelter and soup kitchen smack in the middle of Lorne's riding.

Maybe I will pay all the fines given to the aggressive panhandlers.

Maybe I will use it to send my children to college or university.

Nah, the way tuition increases are going, by the time they are ready to attend, only the super duper rich will be able to afford it.


At 1:54 p.m., Blogger Rick Barnes said...

You are a refreshing voice to the blogging world. Glad you are here.

As to Mary and Lorne. Both of them are people that have positions of priviledge. They should have the right to sit beside each other in the Legislature. That would be cool. A homophobe next to the gay Uncle Tom.

At 6:09 p.m., Blogger Aunty Bertha said...

Thanks Rick.

The backbench won't be all that big. Poor Mary, the only place in the legislature that might be far enough away from Lorne will already be occupied by the opposition.

It might be worth actually watching the video feed just to watch her squirm.

I think I might like it if Lorne sat directly behind her.



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