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Friday, November 13, 2009

Hit them in the wallet

I have had it with the 2010 olympic games and all they stand for.

I am sick of our social safety net being systematically stripped to cover the ever increasing costs
I am sick of draconian legislation being imposed upon us to keep the IOC and Vanoc happy
I am sick of the sexism that will keep world class athletes from competing.

Yes, I should probably link to examples of all this stuff, but I am absolutely disgusted by it all and I just can't bring myself to hit teh google for it.

What I did do, was find a list of sponsors, partners etc of the 2010 oympics which I have listed below. I will be printing it off and checking it often so that I can be sure to give my patronage to businesses not on it.

Worldwide Olympic Partners

• Coca-Cola

• Acer

• Atos Origin

• General Electric

• McDonald's

• Omega

• Panasonic

• Samsung


National Partners

• Bell

• Hbc


• GM

• Petro-Canada


Official Supporters

• Air Canada


• BC Hydro

• Bombardier

• Canadian Pacific


• Jet Set Sports

• Ricoh

• Royal Canadian Mint

• Teck

Official suppliers

• 3M

• Acklands Grainger

• Aggreko

• Aquilini Investment Group

• Birks

• Britco

• Canada Post


• Deloitte

• Dow Canada

• Epcor

• Garrett Metal Detectors

• General Mills

• Hain Celestial Canada

• Haworth

• Karl's Global Events

• Millennium Development

• Molson

• Nortel

• Port Metro Vancouver

• Purolator

• Saputo

• Sleep Country Canada

• Sun Microsystems


• TransCanada

• Vincor Canada

• YVR Vancouver Airport Authority

• Weston

• Workopolis

• Wrigley Canada

• Canwest Publishing

• The Globe and Mail


At 9:38 p.m., Blogger West End Bob said...

Thanks for doing this, AB.

Checking them all off my list . . . .


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