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Saturday, September 27, 2008


So Harper has promised to go hard on 14 year olds convicted of violent crimes. Great. How about going hard on hate crimes? How about convicted gay bashers? I would like to hear from Mr. Mayencourt on this, given that it happened in the heart of the riding he wants to represent.

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) - Just after midnight, Jordan Smith, was walking hand in hand with a friend - another man - near Davie and Hornby. He could hear a group of men yelling profanities and gay slurs. Smith says he tried to walk away, but the men pursued.

"They got in front of me and all I remember really next was waking up in the hospital. The guy hit me so hard that it broke my jaw and I fell backwards, hit my head on the pavement and I was unconscious."

Is Mr. Mayencourt going represent his constituants by going to Mr. Harper and demanding that he come down harder on convicted gay bashers? Better yet, how about restorative justice? Not if he wants to stay in caucus, he won't. He will sit silently in the house and vote how he is told.

This couple could easily have been my good friends R & H. As for the attackers, I think they should be sentenced to 10 years of cooking, cleaning and performing general house elf activities for Smith in addition to 20 years of publicly speaking out against gay bashing.


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