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Saturday, August 20, 2005

It's a hat trick for CN

Hmm, do things come in threes, is it third time lucky or is this to become a weekly part of British Columbia's future?

...the fourth contained sodium chlorate, a chemical that could be deadly if ingested in large quantities....

...Spokesperson Dallas Graham says no significant environmental damage, "Our understanding is that there is some water but that is about 4 or 5 hundred feet away so there's no potential for any leakage of this product, which is very minor, as I mentioned. There's about two shovels full of this product so no there's no concern about this product getting into the water...."

I am not inclined to believe this for a second.

The spin (read weazel words):

  • no significant environmental damage - significant to whom? Significant is in the eye of the beholder. In my eye, even one drop is significant.
  • Our understanding is that there is some water...about 4 or 5 hundred feet away - but that doesn't mean that they understand correctly.
  • about two shovels full - Would those be garden shovels or backhoe shovels? Level or heaping to overflowing? Do they include the area of the ground that they have been spilled upon and seeped into? What is the radius of the spill. How much was blown by the wind and how far?
These are the same people who said on Radio Canada after the Cheakamus spill in Squamish, that they didn't know that anyone lived along the river and then turned around and said that they had no way to contact the affected residents. Interesting given that there was just recently an overhaul of the emergency contact system to increase its effectiveness after the last bout of flooding in the area.

I wonder how many rail cars more were on that train than BC Rail would have attached.

More evidence of how my province is going to shit in a handbag courtesy of Gordon Campbell and his groupies.


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