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Thursday, February 02, 2006

I am going to be a great WHAT?

I love my niece. Really I do, but did she have to do this to me? After all I have done for her. I am too young. Really. None of my siblings will become great before they are 40 (they are all well beyond).

I am going to be a great aunt. In that case, I guess I should start signing myself as GAB. Well, I am rather verbose, so I suppose it fits.

I figured out that at this rate, I have the potential to become a great, great, great aunt before I die. Perhapse even a 4th great if I get really old and the nieces and nephews have 'em really young.

When I think of great aunts, I think of my elderly relatives with grey hair and breasts that they could trip over. After 4 kids, I certainly won't pass any pencil test or win any perky boob contests, but I don't think they are at the point of becoming scarves just yet. The hair doesn't quite make it either. Fortunately, it is that great colour that doesn't really show the grey until it is covering most of one's head.

Maybe I don't feel quite so old. I guess this means that I could be a COOL great aunt and practice for being a COOL grandma. Spoil them rotten, sugar them up and send then home.

This could be very fun.

Great Aunty Bertha.


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