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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Georgie Porgie Had a Great Fall


If he gets stuck, just grab him with the mouse and pull.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Gas pains

What is the deal with the price of gas here in Vancouver?

I go work in the morning and lately it has been in the neighbourhood of $1.16 per litre. Usually on my way home from work (sometimes it is later in the evening), the price has dropped to about $1.10 per litre. Then the next morning it is right back up again and then back down that evening. This has been going on for months.

At one point there it was a 10 cent jump and drop between mornings and evenings.

I dare someone to try and convince me that this kind of price fluctuation is due to the price of oil.

While I believe the price of gas should be high to help protect our environment, I don't have many vehicle choices and very few of them are great fuel economy - can you imagine me trying to squeeze 3 strapping boys, a child in a booster seat and a German Shepherd into a Smart Car?

Hmmm. Next time I am short of money for gas, maybe I should see if I can raise funds based on how much of my family I can fit into a Smart Car.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Words fail me

I was SO stunned by what is considered to be important, it has taken me a whole day to post about it.

A walk out could have major consequences, like the loss of an entire season for sports teams.

Cry me a bloody river.

Go read about Mark Nuefeld on the Hansard Transcripts of the BC Legislature.

J. Horgan: I want to tell the minister about setting examples. I want to tell the minister about an individual named Mark Neufeld. He's a teacher in our community. He's a constituent of mine. [DRAFT TRANSCRIPT ONLY]


continue that discussion. But as I said to the people at that meeting, it is difficult to have that discussion when the very people we look to to set an example for students are breaking the law. That's not on. That makes taking this discussion forward very, very difficult. [DRAFT TRANSCRIPT ONLY]

Mr. Speaker: Member has a supplemental.

J. Horgan: I want to tell the minister about setting examples. I want to tell the minister about an individual named Mark Neufeld. He's a teacher in our community, a constituent of mine. He is not an activist. He is not a radical. He came to school on Wednesday morning, and he said to his cross-country team that he's been coaching for years: "I can't in good conscience continue to do this." He said to the basketball team that he coaches proudly: "I cannot continue to do this when the government that sits in this House disrespects and undervalues the work that I do."
What did that man do, Mr. Speaker? What did that individual do? The example he set is he started walking. He walked ten kilometres from Claremont School to this building to meet with the Premier. That's an example that I would be proud to show my children. Not yours.

Mr. Speaker: Has the member got a question?

J. Horgan: My question is to the Minister of Labour. I would rather have the kids in my house look to Mark Neufeld for leadership than Gordon Campbell. Where is the Premier…?

Mr. Speaker: Member. Member. Listen, please. Member, you know the rules.

J. Horgan: I apologize to the Premier for that comment.
My question is to the Minister of Labour. Mark Neufeld walked, walked to this place. He has been outside for 24 hours wanting to meet with the Premier so that the Premier will show leadership in this issue. The question is: where is the Premier to talk to this individual?

Off to work now and then to picket with some teachers for a while.