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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Canker Sore Hell

My name is Aunty Bertha and I am a chronic sufferer of canker sores.

Only once before have I had an outbreak as bad as this.

The worst sore is under my tongue and it is sending unpleasant pain down my throat and neck and up into my ear. It even hurts to talk.

I am a very miserable and grumpy Aunty Bertha.

Of course the very worst thing about canker sores - they are the one thing on the planet that chocolate does NOT make feel better.

Send sympathy (or better still - miracle cures) now - chocolate later.


The wheels of Justice

While they are slow, the wheels of justice do manage to turn.

Finally, April 24 is the date set (for now, anyway) for Virk and the Basi Boys.

Maybe we will finally get to the bottom of the BC Rail sale to CN DeRail.

Aunty B

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


My poor blog. It has been so neglected these past weeks.

Life has been rather busy, especially with Christmas.

I have been trying very hard to avoid all things election (with a fair amount of success when all is said and done, given that I didn't even know the date until last night when I asked a friend).

I am in the very fortunate position of being able to vote for the candidate of my choice because I live in a safe NDP riding. Go Libby, Go! I am glad of this because I am most pissed off that I was potentially put in the shitty position of having to pay attention to election campaigns during my vacation/Christmas break period because some idiot just couldn't wait to make history and topple the government. Not a good way to get MY vote.

My main PC had been neglected for a very long time in favour of my laptop. Now the tables have turned and I must remind myself of how faithful my PC has been. It is almost 6 years old and never let me down, unlike my 17 month old laptop which is on its second issue and of course this time not under warranty. Next time I buy a laptop, I WILL buy the extended warranty. Lesson learned the hard way.

The other positive to come from my laptop not working is that I have taken up knitting again (neglecte for many, many years). I can't just sit and watch tv or a movie and normally I would work on my laptop whilst watching something. The best thing though, is that my feller has taken to reading to me. We both get to enjoy a book (way better than the idiot's lantern) and I get to produce lovely knitted things at the same time. Socks, hat and mittens are the items de jour.

Aunty B