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Monday, February 27, 2006

Moving day dost approacheth

It will be a very quick post today. The movers come on Wednesday morning to travel all of our belongings the whopping 8 blocks between here and there.

There have been some annoying developments in the continuing saga of the home buyers from hell.

Three days prior to the deadline for subject removal, they asked me to cover half of the cost of replacing the roof. While admittedly, the roof will need replacement soon, it did its job well during all the rain we have had in the last few months. Not a leak to be found. These are people who have clearly spent hundreds of dollars on consultation fees with various contractors and professionals including their "designer"(they had total of about 8 of them along for the inspection) intend to fix the house up and flip it at a pretty profit which potentially includes building 2 rooms in the attic. An endeavor that requires the roof being removed regardless of its state.

My reaction - Bite me. On second thoughts -- sure, I'll pay half if they agree to repay me the cost of the roof with interest equallying the percentage of profit they make on the house.

I just have to wonder about people who go to the USA to take courses on how to make money buying and selling real estate and then buy a house from a single mum with the sole purpose of making a bundle and then try and screw her out of a few thousand dollars more.

Well, needless to say, I told these people to go spit in the wind (twice - can you believe they came back and asked a second time?) and then I told my realtor that I would run away from the deal at the first opening they give me. Bottom line - they blinked and we close on Wednesday.

Don't play chicken over money with a single mum who has 4 kids to support.

It's time to go eat dinner and get packing. I have a very busy couple of days.

Great Aunty B.


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